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CPA Yaniv Gufada holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and economics, and a master's degree in business administration (MBA), both from Tel Aviv University.

He specialized in auditing at PwC Israel, a professional services company from PwC's global network, and then engaged in the finance, accounting, and tax fields. He also undertook the position of financial controller for several years in a global company, a leader in the Israeli market.

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Audit of financial statements

Auditing financial statements is often required by law.

The purpose of an audit is to increase the level of confidence in the financial statements among users for whom the statements are intended.

This goal is achieved by the auditor's opinion, which collects evidence and determines whether the financial statements adequately reflect the financial position of the reporting entity, in all material respects, in accordance with the appropriate reporting framework.


CPA Yaniv Gufada

Auditor, member of the Chamber of Certified Public Accountants in Israel

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Service Areas

The firm provides services to a wide range of clients (self-employed, partnerships, controlling shareholders, companies, employees and more). The added value and personal attention that each customer deserves is a guiding principle at our firm.


To ensure quality, efficient, and uncompromising service, our firm constantly updates on regulatory changes and publications, maintains a proactive approach, and uses its connections to engage with external partners and consultants.

The firm makes use of advanced technologies in order to maintain continuous, secure and highly available contact with its clients and the tax authorities.

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