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What can we do for you?
Set-up your business at the tax authorities: consult during the planning and establishment stages of your business, determine the best incorporation method (self-employed, a limited corporation, or other)
Accounting: documenting the financial activity in compliance with the instructions for managing books, guiding you about rights and obligations
Bankruptcy Filing
Reporting: representation and consultation regarding professional issues, ongoing reports and annual statements (income tax, VAT, national insurance, etc.) - collaborating with a US-based partner for a comprehensive service
Consulting: applying functional knowledge in the financial field, identifying problems and providing tools to solve them, tax assessments and valuations, cash flow management
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Tax returns: income and real-estates tax refunds, withholding tax coordinations ("Te'um Mas"), optimization of benefits and credits ("Oleh Chadash", returning residents, etc.)
Capital declarations: gathering statements, analysis of differences and capital comparisons, reducing risks while complying with legal requirements
Audit: auditing financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing rules in Israel (Israeli GAAS) and the requirements of the law

We know taxes can be intimidating...

If you are new to Israel ("Oleh Chadash" or returning resident), there is much to learn about the local tax system and not many sufficient sources of information in English. Chances are, that you have significant unutilized benefits which you can still take advantage of - if you'll know how.

We understand the need for a reliable accountant who will take care of your financials and give you peace of mind. We encourage you to call or text us and we'll do it together.

About CPA Yaniv Gufada

Yaniv holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and economics, and a master's degree in business administration (MBA), both from Tel Aviv University.

He specialized in auditing at PwC Israel, a professional services company from PwC's global network, and then engaged in the finance, accounting, and tax fields. He also undertook the position of financial controller for several years in a global company, a leader in the Israeli market.

About Our Firm

Since its establishment our Firm has provided services to a wide range of clients - self-employed, partnerships, controlling shareholders, companies, employees, and more. The added value and personal attention that each customer deserves is a guiding principle in our Firm. To ensure quality, efficient, and uncompromising service, our Firm examines itself, constantly updates on regulatory changes and publications, maintains a proactive approach, and uses its connections to engage with external partners and consultants. Our Firm utilizes advanced technologies to maintain continuous, secure and high availability with its clients and tax authorities.

About Our Services

Our Services are provided in three main areas of expertise, with an emphasis on the needs and scale of each client:

  • tax consulting

  • audit and financial reporting

  • business consulting

In addition, CPA Yaniv Gufada lectures to diverse audiences on various topics. Courses and advanced training are delivered to representatives in the tax authorities, and especially to accountants, tax consultants and lawyers. Guidance on other topics is intended for the general public.

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